What is the Difference Between Servo Motor and Stepper Motor?

Servo motor and stepper motor are motors frequently used in industry. Servo motor and stepper motor are both motors that provide advantages in the industry. The characteristic features of these engines affect their advantages. Therefore, a choice should be made according to its prominent features. In this blog article we prepared in this direction, we would like to tell you the differences between servo motor and stepper motor. 

We can list the differences between stepper motor and servo motor as follows; 

  • The control mechanisms of servo and stepper motors are different from each other. 

  • Servo motors are advantageous over stepper motors in applications requiring high power. 

  • Servo motors have higher torque retention value. 

  • Stepper motors are more affordable. 

  • While stepper motors operate in open loop, servo motors operate in closed loop. 

  • Maintenance of the servo motor is more difficult than the stepper motor. 

  • Stepper motors are simpler to control. 

  • Servo motors are more advantageous in terms of performance. 

  • Stepper motors do not need feedback, servo motors are motors that work with a feedback system. 

So, which one will you choose? Thinking that you are looking for the answer to this question, we would like to continue telling you about servo and stepper motors in this direction. 

Stepper Motor or Servo Motor?

It is obvious that servo motors have an advantage that cannot be underestimated in terms of performance. However, stepper motors stand out in terms of edibility. Stepper motors are advantageous in terms of repeatability with a high level of position accuracy. 

When it comes to cost difference, stepper motors use cheaper plastic magnets because they do not need feedback and rarely use gearboxes. Since they can produce multi-line pole and holding torque, they consume less energy at zero speed. Depending on the size of the stepper motor, it may be less costly compared to the servo motor. 

Stepper motors are a good choice because they require low speed, low acceleration, and low position accuracy. In addition, stepper motors are compact motors and are more affordable. While stepper motors are the right choice in areas such as medical, defense and semiconductor manufacturing, servo motors are the ideal choice in applications such as packaging and converting. They are frequently used in these areas. 

If you haven't decided which motor to choose yet, servo motor and step motor pages. If you wish, you can contact us regarding this issue. You can purchase these motors with the assurance of Şahin Rulman.