What is AC and DC Servo Motor? Features and Differences Between

Servo motors are divided into two: AC servo motor and DC servo motor. In this week's blog post, we will discuss AC servo motors and DC servo motors. Throughout the article, we will provide answers to questions such as 'What is an AC servo motor?' and 'What is a DC servo motor?' After presenting the features of AC servo motors and DC servo motors, we will list the differences between AC and DC servo motors. In addition, we will give guidance regarding the prices of AC and DC servo motors. We hope it will be a useful article for you and wish you a pleasant reading. 

What is AC Servo Motor?

AC servo motor, also called brushed servo motor and is among the servo motor types, has high power requirements and It is a type of servo motor preferred in projects that require frequency values. The most distinguishing feature of AC servo motor types, that is, brushed servo motors, is that in these motors, the magnetic field remains constant and the coils are in motion.

Prominent Features of AC Servo Motors

Highlights of AC Servo motor (brushed) types The main features are as follows: 

• AC servo motor is preferred in projects that require high power and frequency values. 
• AC servo motors, which have a high-energy magnetic field, provide a great advantage in terms of efficiency in the areas where they are used.
• Fast in applications that require motion control. and allows rapid positioning. 
• AC servo motors, which are a fast motor type, continue to operate without compromising their stability even under difficult operating conditions.
• AC servo motors are among the induction type motors.
• AC induction motors are produced as two-phase and three-phase.

Advantages of AC Servo Motors

The main advantages offered by brushed servo motors are as follows:

• High reliability
• Low maintenance needs
• Lack of electrical contacts while in motion

Disadvantages of AC Servo Motors

The main disadvantages of brushed servo motors are as follows:

• Low efficiency
• High level of heat dissipation and the resulting fan motor need
• Need for AC square wave power supply

AC Servo Motor Prices

In AC servo motors, which provide high efficiency in terms of sensitivity, the lower the angle of rotation, the higher the sensitivity. AC servo Motor prices also vary depending on the technical specifications of the motor. The servo motor and its driver should be determined according to the energy required by the project where the AC servo motor (brushed) will be applied. 
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What is DC Servo Motor? What are its Features?

DC servo motor, also known as brushless servo motor, is a type of motor that is used in systems that require high power, speed and torque and enables the system to operate by converting electrical energy into mechanical energy. The biggest distinguishing difference from AC servo motor types is that it is a brushless motor type

DC Servo Motor Types

Brushless DC servo motors are divided into different types:

• Brushed DC motor
• Brushless DC motor
• Shunt DC motor
• Series DC motor
• Compact DC motor

DC Servo Motor Advantages

The main advantages offered by brushless DC servo motor types are as follows: 

• Having brush and commutator elements and requiring low maintenance
• They consume less energy.
• Motor diameter is longer than normal motors.
• Frictions that may occur during operation , does not occur in brushless DC servo motors.

DC Servo Motor Disadvantages

The disadvantages of brushless DC servo motor types are as follows: 

• Requires regular maintenance of the commutator.
•In the brushed version, it cannot be used in clean areas due to dust formed due to friction.
• Cannot provide high speed and torque due to its commutator structure.

Things to Consider When Choosing a DC Servo Motor

Those who want to buy a DC servo motor should consider the following features of the motor they want to buy:

• Rotational speed of the motor shaft
• Its terminal voltage ratio
• Permanent current level
• Permanent torque level
• Permanent output power level

DC Prominent Features of Servo Motors

We can list the main features of brushless DC servo motors as follows:

• High torque values ​​​​in a short time. can come out. Accordingly, working efficiency increases.
• It can produce high energy even at low speeds.
• During operation, the coils remain stationary and the magnetic field is in motion. 
• It has a feedback system.
• Brushless. DC servo motors perform inspection and fault repair operations automatically.
• DC servo motors are generally used in areas such as X-Ray devices, automatic doors, fans, air conditioners.
• DC motors working with PWM are analog or digital.
•In terms of motor length, DC motors are longer than normal electronic motors.

DC Servo Motor Prices

Brushless DC servo motor prices vary depending on the technical specifications of the motor. The main technical features that determine the price include engine power, torque, number of revolutions and flange size. Choosing the DC motor that is suitable for the area of ​​use will prevent problems in the systems in which the motor will operate. 
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AC Servo Motor - DC Servo Motor Comparison

AC servo motors are known as brushless, DC servo motors are brushed. In case of malfunctions in systems where servo motors are used, if you are using a DC servo motor, you will need to check its brushes. Because brushes get dirty during work and cause problems over time. As the usage time increases, the efficiency of the servo motor will decrease at the same rate due to contamination.One of its biggest contributions to projects where AC servo motors are used is that it is brushless. We can say that AC servo motors are more preferred because they do not require much maintenance.
During servo motor operation, the brushes create a friction effect. This directly affects the efficiency of the work. Since AC servo motors are brushless, they offer a better frictionless environment than DC servo motors. Since DC servo motors have brushes and collectors, they are longer than AC servo motors. While AC servo motors can be used in projects requiring both high power and low power, DC servo motors are used in applications requiring high power. AC servo motors are more preferred because they can meet both needs. 
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