What is Absolute and Incremental Servo Motor?

Servo motors are also called absolute servo motor and incremental servo motor. So what is absolute and incremental servo motor? What are the differences between them? In the blog post we prepared this week as Şahin Rulman, we will discuss absolute encoder servo motors and incremental encoder servo motors.

Information About Absolute Encoder Servo Motor

Servo motors with absolute encoder have an encoder in which a disk rotates that tells the servo motor its position when the power is activated. In other words, the encoders in servo motors serve as a sensor that informs the driver about the speed and position of the motor. A servo motor with an absolute encoder used in an industrial robot or multi-axis transfer system has the ability to quickly resume operation after a power outage or prevent errors in operation. However, in order to use this feature actively, power must be activated in servo motors with absolute encoder. A spare battery is usually needed to operate absolute encoder servo motors, which increase operating efficiency.

Information about Servo Motor with Incremental Encoder

Actually, servo motors with incremental encoders are familiar servo motors. You may be asking the question, "Well, if the servo motor with incremental encoder and the normal servo motor are the same, why are their names different?" The main reason for this is that most servo motors already have incremental encoders. Since most of them are like this, servo motors with incremental encoders have begun to be described as just "servo motors" over time. Incremental encoders of classical servo motors can detect the rotation, speed and direction of rotation of the servo motor. Normally, the detection waveform output is not modified and therefore the current position is lost when power is removed. You can find more details about incremental servo motors via the link below.

Servo Engine Types and Features

We have come to the end of the blog post we prepared as Şahin Rulman about servo motors with absolute encoder and incremental encoder. Throughout the article, we gave general information about servo motor types with absolute encoder and incremental encoder. Servo motor You can examine our range via the relevant link and contact us if you have any questions. We would like to remind you that you can contact us on 0212 576 04 06.