Servo and Stepper Motor Selection for Vacuum Machines

When you search for "buy a motor for a vacuum machine", you will see many options. When you want to buy a motor for a vacuum machine, the first thing you will come across is servo and stepper motors. You may be confused about which one to choose. This week's blog post was written precisely to avoid this confusion. "How to choose a motor for a vacuum machine?" We will answer the question. You can make a choice based on our article. 

Servo Motor Selection for Vacuum Machines

You may want to choose a servo motor for your vacuum machine. You have two options when choosing a servo motor. Servo motors We will examine the advantages of the motor types divided into AC and DC servo motors in the vacuum machine under two separate headings.

1.AC Servo Motors for Vacuum Machines

When you choose an AC servo motor, you should know that you can perform the vacuuming process quickly. If you want to perform rapid and trouble-free vacuuming, you should choose an AC servo motor. You can also choose this type of motor if you are doing applications that require high power. You should decide by considering the amount of production you want to make per minute. 

2. DC Servo Motors for Vacuum Machines

If you are considering different production speeds, you should choose a DC servo motor. Thanks to this engine type, you can determine the production speed yourself. For example, if your stock fill rate is ideal for you, you can reduce your production speed, or if you have warehouse space, you can produce faster. You can also control the angle with this motor.

Stepper Motor Selection for Vacuum Machines

Stepper motors are also among the motors you can choose for vacuum machines. If budget is important to you and you have a limited budget, you should definitely choose a stepper motor. Stepper motor is a motor that you can choose according to the size of the machine. If your machine is small, you can make a small selection. Again, with this machine, you can adjust the production speed yourself. You can determine the production speed per minute and start production. 


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