Everything You Need to Know About Servo Motor Drivers!

In this week's blog post, we will examine servo motor drivers with you. Our article includes "What is a servo motor driver?", "Does the servo motor work without a driver?", "How are the servo motor driver settings made?" and “How to choose a servo motor driver?” We will answer questions such as. 

What is Servo Motor Driver?

Servo motor is a final control element that carries out commands regarding position and speed. In order for the servo motor to fulfill these commands, it needs a servo motor driver. Servo motors are operated together with the servo motor driver.  ;

Motor Drive Types

Servo motor driversis leaving. Servo motor types are differentiated among themselves. In this part of our article, we will examine servo motor driver types. 

1.DA Servo Motor Driver

This type of servo motor drivers operate with direct current. are drivers. These types of drivers are analog or digital. These drivers are cheap and easy to usesystem. 

2. AA Servo Motor Drive

This type of servo motor drives works with alternating current. AA servo motor drivers are analog or digital. The use of these drivers requires knowledge. These are drivers that have higher performance and are more expensive than DA drivers. 

How to Choose a Servo Driver?

ServoVarious options are offered regarding motor drivers. The important thing here is to choose the servo motor first. A driver suitable for the servo motor must be selected. You can read the article below to get detailed information about servo motor selection.

Servo Motor Buying Guide

Servo Motor Driver Panel Operator 

To adjust the servo motor parameters, the panel operator of the servo motor must be controlled. This panel consists of many keys. Programming for the servo motor can be done with many options such as screen change and settings. To use the servo motor driver correctly, use these keys It is important to know. If you would like to know more about this subject, you can take a look at the article below. 

Servo Motor Driver Panel Button Names and Functions

Servo Motor Driver Programming Parameters 

Servo motor driver programming parameters are extremely complex. But we can give you a brief summary. 

Takeoff Ramp: It gives information about how much speed or how much time the engine should go between two positions. 

Stop Ramp: Indicates when the engine should slow down when traveling between two positions. 

Speed ​​Information: This is the speed at which the engine is desired to descend and ascend. 

Road Information: The path that the engine must travel is given angularly and linearly. The route of the location is provided with road information. 

How to Control with Servo Motor Driver?

Since servo motors cannot operate on their own, the control of the servo motor can be achieved with the servo motor driver. There are different types of these controls. We can list the types of servo motor control as follows;

  1. Position Control Mode 

  2. Dual Control Mode

  3. Dual Control Mode

  4. Speed ​​Control Mode

  5. Torque Control Mode

  6. JOG Mode

If you would like to have detailed information on the subject and what these control modes mean, please read the article below.

How to Control a Servo Motor?

We have come to the end of our blog post about servo motor drivers. With the assurance of Şahin Rulman servo motor driver, you can examine the options by clicking on the relevant link.