What is Spindle Motor?

In this article, we will share with you what a spindle engine is, how it works and where it is used. Spindle engine is a general name given to high-speed engine types. It is used with a special spindle motor driver to drive it. More and more different requirements are needed for the machines used in the industry. One of these requirements is engines that can operate at high speeds. They are considered CNC standard spindle motors in the processing of materials such as wood, glass and metal. The demand for these engines, which can reach very high speeds, is increasing day by day. These motors, which can deliver continuous torque for power density, are the answer to an important need.

How Does Spindle Motor Work?

Spindle motor increases the nominal speed, density and efficiency of the machine with its semi-linear relationship between high speed and electric spindle power. Thus, there is no need to change the size of the motor shaft and the need is met by taking advantage of the increased shaft power. Great performance can be achieved in a small volume. Additionally, the motor speed increases linearly depending on the frequency. This is an important factor in the application area of ​​the machine. Engines can run 24 hours a day. However, spindle motors can get very hot. Engine heating may vary depending on power and size. This problem can be prevented by calculating or measuring the engine temperature and making the inverter passive when the engine is in danger of overheating.

Where is Spindle Motor Used?

Spindle motor is generally used in areas where high speed is required. We can list the areas in need of high turnover as follows; on CNC machines on the wood lathe On the metal lathe For heavy torque jobs Spindle motor can also be used as feeding motor. It is one of the most preferred engines in wood lathes due to its ability to remove chips. You can visit the relevant link for your spindle motor shopping. The spindle motor power value you will buy here is 9 kW. 7. It has a torque value of 16 nm. Spindle motor prices are determined by factors such as power and value. You can contact us to resolve any questions you may have about the spindle motor.