What is CNC Control Unit? What are the types? How does it work?

In the blog post we prepared about CNC control units, we will answer questions such as 'What is a CNC control unit?, What are its types?, How does it work?'. After providing general information about CNC control units, we will give information about why machine manufacturers should choose CNC control units. We hope it will be a useful article for those who want to get information about CNC control units, and we wish you a pleasant reading. 

What is CNC Control Unit?

CNC control units, also known as "Computer Aided Numerical Control" in Turkish, are a control device that is the brain of the CNC processing center. Thanks to this device, the main input and output systems of the connected CNC mechanism can be controlled. These systems include commands such as turning the engine, stopping the engine, and turning the heater on and off. Apart from this feature, CNC control systems can also handle the motion control of electric motors with servo, stepper or encoder systems. In order for the said electric motors to take over the movement control, appropriate commands must be given from the input devices connected to the control unit.

In short, the CNC control system is a system that allows controlling the working style and movements of CNC machines. There are many brands that produce CNC control systems for the control of CNC machines. However, these units have different types for different needs. We will go into details about this subject in the next section of our article.

Types of CNC Control Systems

Features of the machine it will be integrated with and the production sites that will use CNC control panel Different variants of CNC control systems have been developed due to their different needs. Under this heading, we will list the types of CNC control units:

• 2 axis CNC control unit,
• 3 axis CNC control unit,
• 4 axis CNC control unit,
• It is divided into types as 5 axis CNC control units. You can find sample products and features for each control unit type mentioned in the link.

What Kind of Machines Can CNC Control Units Be Used in?

CNC control systems can be used in machines in many different production sectors. The main places where CNC control units can be used are as follows:

• CNC machines used for wood and metal processing,
• Automatic measurement systems,
• Textile weaving machines,
• Industrial robots,
• Electronic unloading, loading and assembling machines are just a few examples that can be offered.

Why Should Machine Manufacturers Prefer CNC Control Units?

Including a CNC control unit in CNC machines, which have different types and where different CNC control systems can be preferred according to those types, brings many advantages to the manufacturer. Accordingly, in this section of our article, we will list the advantages offered by machines with CNC control units. We can summarize these advantages as follows:

• Thanks to CNC control units, the machines are provided with a more flexible production infrastructure.
• If the control of the machines you use requires high precision, you will definitely see the benefits of CNC control units. As a matter of fact, thanks to CNC control units, more intense control can be achieved on the machines, which provides great benefits in operations requiring high precision.
• Since full control over the machines can be achieved with CNC control units, production efficiency increases visibly. The main reason for this is that the production time per unit has become shorter.
• By integrating CNC control units into machines, the production infrastructure of the machines becomes more flexible.
• Since it provides a high level of control in machines that are not fully controlled, errors occur at a higher rate during the production process in machines that do not have a CNC control bench. Since full control is achieved in machines controlled by CNC control units, human factor errors can be prevented.
• Due to the full control feature, the need for qualified personnel is reduced. The transition to part manufacturing occurs faster.
• It minimizes electricity, material and human labor expense items.
• Less space is needed for storage operations.
• Working speed is always high with machines with CNC control units and achieves standardization in terms of efficiency.

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