What is Chrome Plated Shaft? What is it for?

This week's topic in the blog posts we prepare every week as Şahin Rulman will be the details about the chrome-plated shaft. Throughout the article, we will answer questions such as 'What is a chrome-plated shaft?', 'What is a chrome-plated shaft used for?' and 'Where is a chrome-plated shaft used?'.

What is Chrome Plated Shaft?

Chrome-plated shaft, also called ground shaft and induction shaft, is the name given to the parts that provide the bearings with a longer life by providing the basis for the bearings to operate on a clean surface.

What are the uses of chrome plated spindles?
Induction spindles allow the surface crust to harden. This minimizes the damage caused by the balls to the shaft while in motion. Not using induction shafts causes the ball bearings on the shaft to deteriorate faster. As a matter of fact, since they are hardened through heat treatment, they ensure longer life of ball bearings.

Where are Chrome Shafts Used?
Induction shafts can be used in the SK series or SHF series, which have aluminum bearings. In addition, they are used in linear bearing bearings to maintain a high level of surface hardness.

General Features of Chrome Shafts
In this section of our article, we will summarize the general features of ground shafts sold by Şahin Rulman, which are very advantageous in terms of price-benefit balance:

  • It helps you use the bearings for a long time by ensuring they run on a clean surface.
  • They are produced in CK 55 material.
  • The degree of surface hardness is 62+/-2 HRC.
  • Grinded shaft prices vary depending on the main features of the products.
  • The middle parts are of normal hardness.

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