Servo Motor Standard Installation Settings

Precautions to be Taken Before Servo Motor Installation

  • The servo motor should not be affected by the ambient temperature and should not be affected by the heat increase due to its operation. should not be damaged.

  • Placing an absorber on the servo motor during installation will prevent the motor from being exposed to vibration.

  • Servo motor should not be exposed to high humidity, heat, dust, dirt, radioactive waves, etc. It must be installed in an area away from external factors.

Servo Motor Mounting

Servo motors can be mounted in three types; It can be mounted on the floor, on a shelf and in a channel. Its representation as a picture is below.

The mounting hole dimensions of the servo motor are as follows;

When more than one servo motor will be installed together, the installation of the motor should be as follows.

Reducing the Specifications That May Occur Due to the Installation of the Servo Motor

If you are going to use the servo motor in an environment with an air temperature of 50° to 60° or in an area with an altitude of 1000m to 2000m In order to avoid possible specifications, you should use it in accordance with the chart below.