In the blog posts we have prepared as Şahin Rulman, this week's topic will be the servo motor alarm list, their meanings and correction settings. Thanks to our explanation, which will be supported by tables and visuals, you can see the servo motor alarm list, what they mean, and how to make their correction settings. We hope it will be a useful article for you and we wish you a pleasant reading.

Servo Motor Alarm List

If an error occurs in the servo motor, an alarm number will be displayed on the panel display. This section provides a list of alarms that may occur, their causes and corrections.

Servo Motor Alarm Meanings

You can find the alarm name, alarm meaning, alarm stop method and alarm reset option in the alarm list below regarding servo motor alarms.

Servo Motor Alarm Reset Option

Yes: You can perform servo motor alarm reset to clear the alarm.
No: Servo motor alarm cannot be cleared.

We shared with you what the errors that occur during servo motor operations mean. Now we can provide information about servo motor alarm correction settings.

Servo Motor Alarm Recovery Settings

Causes and corrections of servo motor alarms are given in the table below. If you cannot solve a problem with the correction given in the table, you can contact YUHAI officials.

Servo Motor Alarm Reset

If there is an ALM (Servo Alarm) signal, you can use one of the following methods to reset the alarm after eliminating the cause of the alarm. The /ALM-RST (Alarm Reset) signal does not always reset encoder-related alarms. If you cannot reset an alarm with the /ALM-RST signal, turn OFF the control power supply to reset. WARNING: Before resetting the alarm, make sure that the cause of the servo motor alarm is eliminated. If you reset the alarm and the servo motor continues to operate without removing the cause of the alarm, this will cause damage to the servo motor.

Resetting Servo Motor Alarm with /ALM-RST (Alarm Reset Input) Signal

Resetting Servo Motor Alarms Using Panel Operator
You must press the up and down keys on the panel at the same time.

Viewing Servo Motor Alarm History

The servo motor alarm history displays up to the last ten alarms that occurred in the servo box. There is no need to prepare.

Applicable Tools in Servo Motor Alarm Settings

The table below lists the tools you can use to view alarm history and current vehicle functions.

We have come to the end of the blog post we prepared about Servo motor alarm list, their meanings and correction settings. . If you have any questions about the subject, you can contact us and view our servo motor types via the link.