Making Cable Connections of the Servo Motor

Sound Filter in Servo Motor

Servo motor from sound and noise coming from external factors. The sound filter installation of the servo motor is done as follows.

The following precautions must be taken when installing a sound filter to the servo motor.

  • You must separate the input lines and output lines. You must connect these channels through separate channels.

    • You need to separate the ground wires of the audio filter from the output lines.

      • und plate and do not connect the ground wire together with other ground wires.

      Audio filter ground

      Servo Motor Basic Wiring Diagram

      Connecting Servo Motor Power Supply

      Terminal Symbols and Terminal Names

      Pin Arrangement of Encoder Connector (CN4)

      Connecting the Braking Device of the Servo Motor

      The example of the brake cable holding the servo motor is as shown in the image below.

      Servo Motor Signal Connections

      I/O Signal Connections (CN3) Names and Functions

      You can examine the default I/O signal settings according to pin number, name and functions in the table below.

      Input Signals

      < /span>

      *Default settings are in parentheses.

      < /span>

      Output Signals

      Signal Wiring Examples

      Servo Motor Signal Wiring Speed Control Example

      Servo Motor Signal Wiring Position Control Example

      Servo Motor Signal Wiring Torque Control Example


      Reference Input Circuits

      Analog Input Circuits

      This section describes the CN3 Connector terminals. 1-16 (Speed Reference Input) and 2-17

      (Torque Reference Value)

      Analog signals are used as both speed and torque reference signals. The input impedance is as follows.

      • Speed Reference Input: Approx. 14 kΩ

      • Torque Reference Input: Approx. 14 kΩ

      *Maximum allowable voltage for input signals ± 10V

      Position Reference Input Circuits

      This section describes CN3 connector terminals 19-4 (Reference Pulse Input), 18-3 (Reference Signal Input)  and 40-24 (Open Input).

      Array Input Circuits

      Photocoupler Input Circuits

      < /span>

      Circuits are connected via relay or open collector transistor circuits. You must use a low current relay. Otherwise, fault contact may occur in the servo motor.

      Array Output Circuits

      Photocoupler output circuits are used for ALM (Servo Alarm), and other /S-RDY (Servo Ready) array outputs. Photocoupler output circuits are used via a relay or connect to line receiver circuits.

      Line Driver Output Circuits

      < /span>

      In this section, connect the CN3 connector pins 10-11 (phase-a signal), 12-13 (phase-b signal), 14-15 (phase- c signal)

      < /span>

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