How to Fix Stepper Motor Sound Problem?

 As Şahin Rulman, we thought of preparing an article that will guide you on this subject. In this regard, let's list the causes of stepper motor noise problems and what can be done about them in items:

  • Although the structure of each stepper motor type is different, it may generally be correct to operate stepper motors at a voltage value between 20v-50v. . Depending on the structure of the motor, operating with a voltage in this range may prevent the noise problem of the stepper motor.
  • If the stepper motor makes noise during rotation, it is possible that the PLC pulse frequency is out of the correct range. Although it varies depending on the stepper motor type, it is generally preferred to drive at 35 KHz. If it is necessary to drive with a higher value, it may be beneficial to reduce the microstep setting. As a matter of fact, if the pulse frequency is kept high without reducing the microstep setting, the stepper motor may experience a binding problem after a certain period of time. In other words, it may not be able to reach the required frequency.
  • If the stepper motor sound problem occurs as soon as the driver you use with the stepper motor is energized, it is likely that your driver has a fault. In this case, you can review the checks you need to make regarding your driver. Another possible reason in a similar situation may be a connection error. Therefore, in this case, you can also make checks to eliminate connection errors.
  • If the microstep setting is 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, you do not need to worry about the stepper motor sound problem. As a matter of fact, if the setting is made at these values, the stepper motor may naturally make noise. While the stepper motor noise problem becomes more noticeable at low frequency settings, it is less obvious at high frequency settings.
  • If the stepper motor makes noise when the motor is stopped, it means there is a technical malfunction. If you cannot find the main source of the problem, it is recommended that you consult the relevant authorities.

As Şahin Rulman, we have tried to mention the possible reasons and solutions regarding the sound coming from the stepper motor in general terms. If you need more in-depth information on the subject, you can send your questions to us via Şahin Rulman question-answer sitesi. Technical support for step motor and all other automation products that we offer for sale on our website. We provide.