How to Adjust JOG for Servo Motor Control?

In the informative blog posts we prepare every week as Şahin Rulman, the subject of this week's article is the JOG setting that needs to be made for servo motor control. In our article, you can find the answer to the question 'How should the JOG setting be made for servo motor control?' We hope it will be useful content for you and wish you a pleasant reading.

What is JOG Mode?

JOG mode is simply intermittent operation mode. It is to manually start and advance the engine at a constant and desired speed. It is a mode that allows the engine to continue running at a specified speed until a second command is given. In other words, JOG mode is a mode that allows the engine to run steadily and manually at a preset speed via the driver. Its main purpose is to monitor the product flow by making correct settings through observation and preventing jams during the adjustment process.

What is the Function of JOG Mode in Servo Motors?

We can explain what the JOG mode function is in servo motors with an example. Let's assume that a machine to which any driver is connected will cut a pictorial and written label when it is started, and therefore it must cut a certain part of the label. In this case, JOG mode should be set on the driver panel to avoid a random cut and to cut exactly at the desired location. This means the actions of moving slowly forward and backward independently. This command can also be given via parameters. However, in this case, a button or relay must be used to give the command. However, with JOG mode, commands can be given manually from the keypads on the driver panel, without the need to use buttons or relays. On the other hand, working in JOG mode may vary at certain points depending on the device's own features and operating principle.

How Does JOG Mode Work?

In the last part of our article, we will briefly talk about how the JOG mode works. There is a JOG button on the driver or motor in the servo motor set. As long as this button is pressed, the motor rotates, and when it is released, the motor stops. We can make the subject more understandable with two sample videos from our YouTube account showing how the JOG mode works:

Servo Motor 2 kW - 130SY M07725 SG 30A Putting in JOG Mode;

Servo Motor 3 kW - 130SY M20015 SA AS50AF Putting in JOG Mode;

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