In our previous article titled “Making Servo Motor Cable Connections”, we talked about servo motor cable connections. We shared with you what needs to be done. In this article, we have brought together the basic functions that must be done before the servo motor starts to work. We aimed to be descriptive at a basic level, we hope it will be useful for you.

Display for Servo motor Parameters

Servo motor There are two types of notations used for parameters, depending on whether the parameter requires a numerical setting or not.

Initializing Servo Motor Parameter Settings

You can return the parameter settings of the servo motor to their default settings. This function does not initialize FN009,Fn00A,Fn00B, utility function parameter settings. Important Notice: After completing the operations to activate the settings made on the servo motor, turn off the power supply of the servo motor and turn it on again.


You should always check the following settings before starting the servo motor parameter.

*Writing parameters should not be prohibited.

*Servo must be off.

Applicable Vehicles

The following table lists the tools you can use to initialize parameter settings and current tool functions.

Servo Motor Control Method Selection

You can use it for speed control, position control or torque control of the servo motor controller.

Automatic Detection of the Connected Servo Motor

You can use the servo package to drive a rotary servo motor or a linear servo motor. If you connect the servo motor encoder to the CN3 connector on the servo motor, it will automatically detect which servo motor is connected. Therefore, you will not need to specify the engine type separately.

Functions and Settings for /S-ON (Servo ON) Signal

/S-ON (Servo ON) signal is used to enable servo motor operation.

The section, function and settings you have selected explain the /S-ON signal.

/Functions Required for S-ON Signal

1-Speed to start the servo motor, You must enter the /S-ON signal before entering a position or torque reference. You can use the /S-ON signal or ON button on the AC power supply to start the servo motor before entering the reference.

2-If you want to stop the servo motor, you should use the /S-ON input signal. You cannot turn it on while the servo motor is running.

Necessary Settings to Keep the Servo Motor On and to Supply Continuous Power to the Servo Motor

When you set this parameter to keep the servo always on, power will be supplied to the servo motor when the servo motor main circuit power supply is turned on. If there is a speed, position and torque reference input value set, the servo motor or machine may perform an unexpected operation. That's why you should always follow safety precautions. If a resettable alarm occurs and the alarm is reset, the operation is disabled. If you set this parameter continuously with the servo motor on, the servo motor may start unexpectedly when the alarm is reset.

Servo Motor Direction Adjustment

You can review the necessary adjustments before starting the servo motor in our next article. Stay tuned for our next servo motor settings article :)