3 Axis CNC Control Unit For Milling

  • Product Code: FALCON990MDca-3
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  • Price : $1,000.00

3 Axis CNC Control Unit Features

Control Unit, handwheel and 5 meter signal cables are included in the set.

• Three axes of X, Y, Z control, three-axis linkage movement. • 5MHz Pulse Output Frequency. • ATC support function, macro and PLC function • Maximum speed: 300m / min. • Feeding speed: 150m / min. • Multi-function: drilling, round groove, rectangular groove, full circle drilling and drilling operations. • Built-in standard PLC program and optional customizable features. • 128 MB memory, 100 MB user storage. • 8.4) x (800x600) LCD display. • Metric support system is available. • Chinese or English view, which can be selected by the parameter. • With USB interface, USB file processing, software upgrade support. • High-speed DNC, track program real-time transmission operation. • External MPG support. • Basic I / O: 40 * 24 can be edited freely.

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